Nightmare before christmas costume

Transform into your favorite characters from Nightmare Before Christmas with these creative costume ideas. Get inspired and bring the magic of Halloween to life with these unique and spooky outfits.
nestly by what I know now normal wrist gloves would be even better! As you see on the picture the glo Halloween Costumes, Jack Skellington, Halloween, Costumes, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sally Halloween Costume, Sally Costume, Jack Skellington Halloween Costume, Jack Skellington Costume

Today I try my best to present you a tutorial on how to use bodysuits instead of full bodypaint! I show you how I made a bodysuit for my cosplays Emily from Corpse Bride and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I got tired of always using so much bodypaint so I came up with using leotards. In this short tutorial I explain how I used leotards, tights and gloves!

Miss K