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Unlock the power of the new moon phase and manifest your desires. Explore top ideas to harness the energy of this celestial event and create positive change in your life.
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The moon can be a powerful ruler of emotions. As the moon journeys through its phases, your mind, body and spirit transition into phases as well. Journaling throughout the lunar cycle is a powerful way to understand your bodies connection to this celestial event. How To Start A Moon Journal Your moon journal should be a completely separate and private place to share. Each journals has a living energy, so it's important to start fresh. Find a journal that connects with you. To get started…

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Liberating our most authentic self, resetting boundaries, declaring intentions and claiming our freedom for the month ahead: this is what the new moon asks of us each month. In the spirit of celebrating one of the most mystical nights of the calendar each month, I’m sharing 3 simple rituals and crea

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Every 29.5 days, the moon goes through eight cycles. Just like the Sun's placement in the sky can help predict your personality traits and even influence current events, the phase the moon is in at any given time — and the cycle you were born under — has a huge influence on your life, mindset, and mood.

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