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Explore a variety of unique needle case ideas to keep your sewing supplies organized and easily accessible. Find the perfect needle case that suits your style and enhances your sewing experience.
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I decided to take some time this past weekend to make myself a wee little needle book. It's small enough to fit in the palm of my hand how cute! I like to keep my needles in my floss case so it had to be small enough to fit flat under the lid. I was keeping them on a scrap of fabric but as I added more it started to look like this It was driving me absolutely crazy To make it I started with two pieces of linen, one black for the outside and natural for the lining they are around 5 x 2.5…

Taylor Hadfield
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This post is so photo heavy! I apologize in advance but hopefully all the pictures will answer all of your questions! If not, fire away! You will need: 3 coordinating fabrics (fat quarter or smaller will work) 1 piece of batting 1 button 6 inches of thin elastic Felt Printed template (you can download it here) Use the template to cut your cover fabric and your inside fabric Then fold template on line And cut your third piece of fabric for the pocket You'll have one cover, one inside and one…

Michelle Wohlgemuth

How to Sew a Needle Book: I have been using the same needle books for years. They are felt, covered in cat fur, and really not working for me. :D I decided that now that I am embroidering 10-15 hours a week, I really needed a nice needle book I can carry around with me. I a…

Betina Warf

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