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Discover stylish and professional navy uniform ideas to enhance your appearance. Find the perfect outfit that showcases your professionalism and pride in the navy.
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Targeting a digital-friendly audience, we created four infographics to tell the client's story through data, facts and visuals. Easily shareable and viewable across platforms, the data focuses on the following topics: Education Opportunities: This infographic highlights the Navy's programs with short copy and a visual. This gives Sailors or potential Recruits the ability to see the vast amount of programs available to them and the ability to find what they’re looking for quickly. Benefits…

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If it weren’t for Admiral Grace Hopper (1906-1992), you wouldn’t be reading this. There wouldn’t be an Internet to read it on. There wouldn’t be personal computers or word processors or any of the other digital wonders that we now take for granted. That’s because before Grace Hopper—”Amazing Grace,” mathematician and computer pioneer extraordinaire—computers were […]

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The United States Navy separates its rankings between the enlisted personnel and officers. Navy Officers have more responsibilities compared to enlisted personnel, which equates to higher pay. The best Navy Officer jobs are rewarding military careers with the opportunity to do something important and beneficial to keeping the nation safe. Learn more about the 10