Natural Play

Bring the joy of nature into playtime with our top natural play ideas. Encourage your children to explore and connect with the outdoors while having fun and learning at the same time.
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BDP: Around the new river channel, there are new footbridges, a backwater with viewing platform, an ephemeral pool creating interest near the newly opened cafe, a copse of trees to provide shade and swathes of wildflower meadow providing splashes of colour in this vibrant, natural landscape. Innovative water play has also been introduced using a […]

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Prescott Farm strongly believes in the importance of getting kids outside for their healthy development and well-being. Consider this: Fact #1: Childhood play time in the outdoors has been in steady decline since the 1950’s. Not only are today’s kids over-scheduled, but they are increasingly disconnected from the natural world spending as much as 8 hours PER DAY inside in front of some sort of screen. This was new reality was coined “nature deficit disorder” by author Richard Louv in his…

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