Transform your living space into a moody oasis with these top home decor ideas. Discover how to add depth and drama to your rooms with dark colors and ambient lighting.
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Everything seems quieter when it rolls in, muffled as when it snows. I'm on my bike returning from a dinner. A boy there, one of my students actually, was worried at first about me biking in the fog, but when I told him I lived near the school he said, "Ok va bene, al meno non è dall'altra parte della città." As long as you're not on the other side of the city. But I didn't really realize just how dense it had become. The city emerges bit by bit, people, cars, buildings becoming distinct and…

Daniel Yeo
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Hi there! My name is Lim Heng Swee and I am an illustrator. I always think that positive energy is overrated, sometimes we need to be true to yourself. It's ok to be sad, moody, frustrated sometimes, all we need to do is rest, do nothing, be quiet a little while.

Alyssa Arriaga
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October is just around the corner and that means that it's time to go all out with creative photoshoot ideas for Halloween! Halloween is that one time of the year to go completely nuts when it comes to outfits, props and make up. And I am not talking about those tacky Halloween outfits where you dress up as the sexy version of the first things that pops into your brain. I mean dreamy, spooky and beautiful Halloween photoshoot ideas!