Mom and baby yoga

Discover the benefits of mom and baby yoga for both you and your little one. Try these fun and relaxing yoga poses to bond with your baby and promote your well-being.
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As a new mom, I am literally busy from morning till night, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make time to squeeze in a workout. I prefer working out early before the kids even wake up, but let’s be honest, some days that doesn’t happen and some days I only have maybe 15 mins to get a quick workout in. So today, I am so excited to have Darby Brender, creator of Fusion Fitness (my most favorite workout ever) here to help put together some quick, energizing exercises that you can do at home in…

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When I had my first baby, I realized first hand how hard it was to get anything done.. much less a good workout. My son was crying and crying and wouldn’t nap because all he wanted was mommy’s attention and to be held. So, one day, I held him in both arms as I was […]