Modular design

Explore innovative and adaptable modular design ideas to transform your space. Discover how modular design can enhance functionality and aesthetics in your home or office.
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In our modern and urban homes of today, living in a space-efficient and smart manner is vital, or else we will end up in stuffy and overcrowded home environment

Kelly Hudson
Tessellated Furniture: Tetris-Style Modular Seating System Interior, Furniture Design, Modular Furniture, Contemporary Furniture, Modular Design, Furniture Plans, Luxury Furniture, Sofa Design, Discount Furniture

Escher, Tetris, tessellation and fractals all come to mind with this colorful set of angled seating elements. Though their shapes may appear unruly at first, any awkward first impression is quickly dissipated once you see the elements deployed. Developed by Alexander Lotersztain, the one c ...

Ayman Elsomany