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Dating With Disabilities: Q&A With Melissa Blake of So About What I Said | Glamour Queen, People, Having A Crush, Role Models, Rude People, Disabled People, Dating, Other People, Guy Friends

Readers, you might remember Melissa Blake from her guest post over at Vitamin G. Melissa is a writer who was born with Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome, a rare genetic bone and muscular disorder. She pens the popular blog So About What I Said where she chats about food, music, fashion and lots of other fun topics. The very busy 29-year-old writes the Disabled and Thriving blog for Psychology Today. When I heard this clever gal also dished on dating, I knew we had to talk.

A MEMO TO MEN: ON DATING AND DISABILITY MISCONCEPTIONS PART I (BY MELISSA BLAKE) Dating, Melissa Blake, Positive Body Image, Melissa, Disability, Body Image, Positivity, Men, Body

MEMORANDUM TO: Men all over the planet FROM: A very strong-willed woman RE: Theories about your aversion to my disability I recently sat flipping through my old journals. I immediately stopped when I got to a particular entry. it was from sometime during my high school heyday and my teenage self matter-of-factly wrote something along the lines of: Guys just don't like girls in wheelchairs. Or with any sort of disability, it seems. It read back to me like some sort of socially agreed-upon law…

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