Medusa greek mythology

Explore the captivating world of Medusa in Greek mythology through art and symbolism. Discover the mysterious allure of this mythical creature and its significance in ancient Greek culture.
The Intuitive Scribe: Stamp your ticket for change.  Reset your personal moral compass towards bravery, with purpose-driven truth. Statue, Greek Mythology, Mythology, Ancient Greece, Morality, Roman Mythology, Gods And Goddesses, Ancient, Greek Myths

The truth has a positive invisible influence on all of us. Everyone feels it. Change is constant but not predictable. Notice what you sense. It's liberating and easy to tune-in to the intuitive truth by feeling dignity, courage or curiosity. Every time you do this, you reset your moral compass towards bravery and purpose. Sensing from the heart automatically stamps our ticket for change. Ride with change by staying in touch with your constantly adapting inner nobility. When you think for…

Jane Bernard