Matthieu bourel

Discover the unique and captivating artworks of Matthieu Bourel, a talented artist who combines collage and photography to create stunning visual narratives. Explore his portfolio and be inspired by his creative approach to storytelling.
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Since its inception, Hollywood has shown us an image of unattainable youth and glamour, though quite frankly, French collage artist Matthieu Bourel doesn't seem too impressed. Whether in his hand-cut collages or entrancing animated GIFs, Bourel deconstructs images of models and actors of a bygone era. He splices divas' head shots with anatomical diagrams, peeling away what looks like layers of skin to reveal veins and eyeballs. In other works, faces come off like masks only to reveal more…

sophie champ
Natalie Wood Lady, Portrait, Haar, Face, Beau, Beautiful, Fotos, Beleza, Die

Here are 45 amazing photos of Natalie Wood, one of beautiful actresses of American cinema, in the late 1950s to 1960s. Natalie Wood relaxing on a hammock, ca. 1950s Natalie in the late 1950s Beautiful Natalie posing with a hat, ca. 1950s Natalie in the late 1950s Natalie Wood and a dog in mid-air, ca. 1950s Natalie and her gray poodle, ca. 1950s With her poodle, ca. 1950s Natalie Wood on a boat ride in the mid 1950s Natalie reading a letter, ca. 1950s Natalie Wood, ca. 1950s ca. 1960s…