Maths in nature

Explore the fascinating connection between mathematics and the natural world. Uncover how mathematical principles shape the patterns and structures found in nature and be amazed by the intricate beauty that surrounds us.
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So many people have asked me: ” What is the meaning of the Andara Stars logo? What does it represent ?” While I knew some of you could see already where it was coming from, others were just curious of how I put together this attractive shape that feels kind of familiar, but not quite […]

Kate Caldwell
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In our sunflower unit today we’re exploring shapes and symmetry in nature. This is a great way to take math outdoors and give children a hands-on lesson in size, shape, and symmetry. Shapes and symmetry in nature using sunflowers Click here to download your copy of the Sunflower School curriculum and printables. […]

Andrea Nugent
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Symmetry is usually defined as a sense of "balanced proportions" or "the quality of having parts that match each other," especially in an attractive way. And, when you think about it, it is all around us. Whether we look at human beings, architecture, art, or biology, there’s nothing more fascinating than seeing how the world is full of perfect forms and harmony.

Bill Volpa