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Enhance your math skills with printable key words that will help you better understand and solve math problems. Explore top ideas and resources to improve your math abilities.
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Words Used in Math Word Problems Key Words Used in Math Word Problems Addition Add All together Altogether And Combined How many in all How much In all Increased by Plus Sum Together Total Subtraction Minus Lost Change Difference Fewer Fewer than How many are loft Need to Reduce Subtract Take away Remain Multiplication By Double Every Factor of Increased by Multiplied by Of Product Times Triple Division As much Cut up Each group has Equal sharing Half How many in each Parts Per Percent…

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This past week, we started working on multi-step word problems using the 4 operations. My students always have a hard time with this conce... Maths Resources, Pre K, Math Problem Solving, Math Strategies, Math Word Problems, Math Resources, Math Charts, Multi Step Word Problems, Math Facts

This past week, we started working on multi-step word problems using the 4 operations. My students always have a hard time with this concept because they get overwhelmed having to incorporate and figure out which of the 4 operations they need to solve for as well as having to perform two different operations in one problem. Too often I see them just guessing rather than really thinking each problem through about what is actually happening in the problem. This week, we did some math skits…

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The Operations Key Words Vocabulary Posters will look GREAT in any 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade math classroom and will really help your students. If you are looking for cute math bulletin board ideas, this is it! These math vocabulary posters will POP off the wall!

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So, I am sure many of you have seen these on Pinterest or The Teacher Wife's page. And maybe you have seen this from Oh Boy, 4th Grade. Well, I have taken these two lovely ideas and made a perfect marriage! After seeing these two wonderful ideas, I thought it would be a great thing to have glued inside my students math journals! Let me know what you think! I hope I didn't break any rules by using these two ideas and combining them into one... Click on the picture to download!

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The receiver of the strip fraction chart will learn a lot. For instance, they can learn about fractions in math class. For language class, people will learn about new vocabulary and how to pronounce the numbers of the fraction.

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