Explore the ancient tradition of bullfighting and learn about the skill and bravery of the matador. Discover the history, techniques, and rituals that make this spectacle so captivating.
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Our Matador Costume consists of 5 pieces: Jacket, Trousers, Shirt, Cape, Belt & Hat and is ready to ship! Produced in One Size and fits adults M / L / XL This is a very impressive and well made Spanish Costume that can be used for Halloween, Carnival, Theatrical, professional or individual use.

Matadors and Flamenco Dancers | The Human Gallery Punk, Fashion, Style

Fashion photographer, Ruven Afanador gives us the drama and beauty of bullfighters and flamenco dancers through his coffee table books, Sombra and Ruven Afanador: Angel Gitano. The following images…


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