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Classic black and white street fashion shoot. Shot on the streets of Melbourne, Australia. | Model: Jay Coolahan // Hair & Grooming: Eleanna Hingston // Stylist: Rameez Baggia // Photography & Post-Production: Rebecca Tang | #blackandwhite #streetfashion #malemodel #asianmodel #malefashion #cityphotoshoot #blackandwhiteportrait #fashionportrait #streetstyle

Bec Tang | Australian Fashion & Beauty Photographer
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Apr 23, 2019 - Great capture @trav_white is really cool. Great lifestyle pose inspiration. #style #fall #fashion #lifestyle #reallycoolphotography

Mindy Cowart
Kaia is not a stranger to loneliness.  With the raging war between th… #werewolf #Werewolf #amreading #books #wattpad Portrait, Male Models, Films, Man Photography, Beautiful Men Faces, Men Photography, Male Models Poses, Men Photoshoot, Men

Kaia is not a stranger to loneliness. With the raging war between the eight packs of the Northern region, Kaia is taken from her original pack by a young alpha named Quinton. With an overcompensated and cocky attitude, he's no match for the seven opposing packs that threaten to rein over his land. A Pitiful Leader: An experienced Alpha from the Far North takes pity on their small pack, choosing to ally with them. He had blood on his hands, more than any other Alpha in the North. A Broken…