Macro and micro site analysis architecture

Learn how to conduct a thorough macro and micro site analysis for your architecture projects. Discover techniques and tools to optimize your design process and create impactful structures.
Salford, Studio, Site Analysis Architecture, Site Analysis, Environmental Architecture, Data Visualization Design, Urban Design Graphics, Concept Diagram, Design Process Information sharingCommunity engagement can be as simple as Council providing information to members of the community about a project. This type of engagement is known as information sharing, and happens when Council has already made a decision or when there is only one way that Council can progress the project. Community consultation Community consultation is a two-way relationship between Council…

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The premise of this Master of Urban Design Thesis is to propose the design and development of the Southern Railway corridor in the center of the Charleston, South Carolina’s Upper King Street District. Because of the close proximity of the Southern Railway corridor to the most import...

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Hi, I am Yeo Shi Jie, 0330176. For the final project, we will concentrate on designing a Community Centre within an urban block site. The design of the building is to consist of appropriate architectural responses that address the aspects of the urban street context and user behavioural patterns as discerned and analysed in the Preliminary Studies. Apart from developing a narrative on architectural strategy in response to the relevant questions pertaining to community and its context, the…

Urban study: The study has to be done in two levels of complexity, namely, the macro and, with more focus to, micro contexts. Whilst the macro study is about the role and how the location fits into the city. In micro study the students are to make a comprehensive study on urban form, activity and movement-pattern. Art Deco, Urban, Layout, Kajang, Diagram Architecture, Concept Architecture, Design Strategy, Analysis, Urban Analysis

Hi, I am Yeo Shi Jie, 0330176. The Preliminary Studies is a preparatory assignment that focuses on investigating basic notions of the city, and learning from examples of Community Centre around the world. This assignment aims to firstly introduce students to the basics in urban design and its relation to architecture, and secondly, studying and determining the programmatic function, societal role and spatial layout of an Community Centre and architectural responses for urban blocks. The…