Lynx lynx

Learn interesting facts about the Lynx Lynx, including its habitat, diet, and unique characteristics. Discover the beauty and mystery of this amazing wildcat.
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With a relatively short body, small tail and long legs, the Canada lynx is one of the most adorable fluffs. They may look like a cousin of your housecat, but make no mistake — these boreal predators are pretty wild. The Canada lynx lives in forested areas and like making their dens underneath fallen trees, tree stumps, rock ledges or thick bushes. They are territorial animals, and males usually live alone.

Shelley Bland
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Its of course a captive one sadly, though it is the male of a regular breeding pair so they must feel settled to breed. There is talk of re introduction of lynx in to remote areas, and being a particular favourite of mine I would love to see that, but I fear its all hot air, it will never happen!!!! The fact that they were here and we wiped them out centuries ago means we could legally re introduce them, but as with so many species, the authorities take far more notice of the whinging…

Bradley A Harris