Lucid dreaming art

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of lucid dreaming art. Discover how artists use their dreams as inspiration to create stunning and surreal masterpieces. Unleash your own creativity and start exploring lucid dreaming art today.
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Beautiful worlds explored with digital Art. Russian Artist Artem Chebokha creates, in a real way, the worlds that inhabit his brain. As most of the surreal artists out there, Chebokha makes real use of symbology, to bring together the different parts of his paintings. One thing that is particular to his paintings, is that he suggest, on some of the pieces, the kind of music to listen whilst looking at his art, a lot of which is characterised by the presence of animals. Beautiful World. Press…

J Jaques
Trust. Artist Depicts Surreal Dreams and Nightmares in Paintings. To see more art and information about Netanel Morhan click the image. Surrealism, Fantasy Art, Visionary Art, Surealism Art, Artist, Surrealist, Ilustrasi, Astral Projection, Vivid Dreams

To see more of what is in this artists head, press the image and see the post. Israeli Artist Netanel Morhan has always been fascinated with his dreams, he says he can have up to 10 a night and he remembers all the details about them. When he wakes up he keeps a record and creates paintings of few of them. In order to collect as much of the detail he can remember, he paints on 2m by 2m (6.5 feet) size canvas. In the following extract, Morhan explains how the dream and the notes morph into…

Meghan Bailey