Long round nails

Get inspired by these trendy and chic ideas for long round nails. Discover the perfect nail designs to show off your style and make a statement.
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Soft white Gel X

5 In 1 Base Gel & Nail Glue Kit:Our new Nail Glue Gel Kit includes 15ML Nail Glue Gel and Top Coat. You can easily extend your nails and enjoy the fun of DIY! This Multi-functional Nail Glue is not only for nail tips adhesive, but also can be used as Base Gel,Blooming Gel,Rhinestone Glue Gel,Slip Solution! Let it do the magic with you! Warm Tips: Beetles Uv Nail Glue Gel Set Could Used for Clear Nail Tips,Not for Solid Press on Nails! Environmentally-friendly and Healthy: Compared to…

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What Does Your Nail Shape Say About You

The same can be said about nail fashion, which is always evolving with the broader culture. You may strive to stay up with the latest nail art trends, but there is a certain form that you always seem to return to, either because it suits your nails or because it is an expression of your

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