Lollipop birthday

Celebrate your child's birthday with a sweet and colorful lollipop theme. Discover fun and creative ideas for decorations, games, and treats to make their special day even more memorable.
How To Make Giant Lollipops - my daughter and I made some of these for our front yard for her 9th birthday, themed "Sugar Rush" (from Wreck-It-Ralph). Since her birthday was one month before Christmas, we left them up! Desserts, Sweet, Cake, Candy, Sweet Tooth, Sour, Life

How To Make Giant Lollipops {Themed Party Idea}This tutorial will show you how to turn styrofoam and cellophane in to the perfect lollipop party decorations. Use bright colors for your candy land themed party, make them in orange and black to decorate for trick-or-treaters, or use Christmas colors as party of your outdoor holiday decorations.View This Tutorial

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