Loft ladder diy

Discover creative and practical DIY loft ladder ideas to make accessing your loft space a breeze. Upgrade your home with a functional and stylish loft ladder that suits your needs.
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I recently had the opportunity to try my hand at something a little bit different than my traditional blacksmithing and bladesmithing. I was commissioned to build and install a black pipe loft ladder. Made from 1.25" and .5" black pipe this unique loft ladder was a true challenge. The treads are 1.25" thick by 5" wide black walnut with bevelled edges and a laquer finish.

Emily Dunn
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Simple Tiny House Loft Ladder: My folks recently built themselves a tiny house on their property for guests with a loft to maximize their 240 sq. ft of space. But, in the mix of things they hadn't gotten themselves any stairs to the loft yet. Sadly when I came to visit I was un…

Ashly Griffith