Loft bed stairs

Maximize space in your room with a loft bed featuring stairs. Explore innovative designs and find the perfect solution for your small space. Get inspired and start planning your dream loft bed today!
I built a loft bed for my best friends daughter! This was such a long process but it was so fun! I built this thing from scratch! I really hope she loves her new room! Loft bed builds arent easy, especially when you add drawers and a whole dresser, but it was worth it! Even the steps have drawers! Check out the blog post for all the details! Bunk Beds Built In, Build A Loft Bed, Bunk Bed Plans, Adult Loft Bed, Loft Bed Diy Plans, Loft Bed Plans, Loft Beds For Small Rooms, Loft Beds For Teens, Loft Bed Ideas For Small Rooms

The above is the loft bed I had in mind. I drew it out so my friends daughter, Nova, could approve. The look of it changed a bit since this drawing but is mostly the same. There will be a dresser tucked under the right side, the steps will have drawers, and the left side will look like drawers but would actually be a door. That last part changed though because I wasn't sure how well they would take care of the door (my friends kids are a bit rough with doors, haha!).

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For my daughter’s 9th birthday, the only thing she wanted was a “beachy” loft bed. So you know I had to make it happen. But how do you make a loft bed “beachy”? We started by coming up with a design list of must-haves. Here’s what we came up with: “Beachy” / Coastal Theme Mature enough that she will get many years of use Not damaging to floor / existing trim Plenty of storage & play area Electrical for outlets and lights As this list came together, I quickly realized that this wasn’t going…

Sandra Myers
Love this play area over the bed, like the anti-loft bed. I think I'd leave off the first couple of steps of the ladder and make it a safer place for the older kids to play with and store their LEGO creations. (Apartment Therapy with loft bed inspiration) Bunk Beds, Apartment Therapy, Bunk Bed Designs, Beds For Small Rooms, Loft Bed, Bedroom Loft, Kids Loft Beds, Bed Design, Tiny House Loft

When I was in college, my roommate and I got a loft bed system, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Not only did we have lots of floor space to hang out and study, I loved having the privacy and coziness of my own secret bed platform. For small spaces, a loft can be a great way to open up floor space, but even if you don’t feel you need the extra room, a loft can be a great hideaway for a kid.

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Cozy loft bed in a bright room with artistic decor, showcasing a DIY Twin Loft Bed from our Etsy shop plans – ideal for space-saving and style. Bunk Beds, Loft Bed Ideas For Small Rooms, Twin Loft Bed, Loft Beds For Teens, Loft Beds For Small Rooms, Adult Loft Bed, Beds For Small Rooms, Kids Loft Beds, Under Loft Bed Ideas

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY DIY Twin Loft Bed Plan: Digital Guide Overview Project Overview: Digital Delivery: Access the plan instantly—no physical item shipped. Imperial Units: Measurements and dimensions in imperial units. Budget-Friendly: Estimated project cost around $180. What's Included in Your PDF Plan: Step-by-Step Instructions: Clear, beginner-friendly guidelines. Color-Coded Diagrams: Simplify the build process with visual aids. Material & Tools Lists: From lumber to tools, know what…