Living room and bedroom combo

Transform your space with creative ideas for combining your living room and bedroom. Discover how to maximize functionality and style in your multi-purpose living space.
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If you live in a small apartment then utilizing one space for more than one purpose is the best design strategy you can go for. This is why we thought of bringing you some ideas to design a combination of bedroom and living room effectively and stylishly. We spoke to a representative from supreme finishes,

Wesley Cazales
Shared room with two beds. love the metal headboard and footboard with the baskets at the end of the bed.

Recently we did our master bedroom makeover, which you can see {here}, & in that makeover we decided to not have a footboard anymore. I went back and forth with what we were going to do with the space at the end of our bed for a long time when we decided to add a seating area with a couple of chairs and an ottoman. This design dilemma we had really got me thinking of all the possibilities there really are to decorate the foot of your bed & I decided to share 7 of my favorite ideas with you

Elizabeth Moore
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A bedroom is a place designed for comfort and relaxation. However, it's becoming increasingly popular to position a desk in this room as well. Having a desk in the bedroom makes it easy to have both a workspace and a place for comfort in one room. There's no doubt that desks can positively contribute to […]

Jessica Weatherly