Living on a boat

Explore the unique lifestyle of living on a boat and discover creative ideas to make the most of your floating home. Dive into a world of adventure and tranquility on the open waters.
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How Much Does it Cost to Live on a BOAT ?! Are you thinking about living a more unconventional life on the open ocean? Are you celebrating retirement by buying a boat and sailing away? Or are you just curious how much it cost to live on a boat? This article is here to tell […]


"This boat is going to change our lives!" I exclaimed as we stepped on board the Tayana 48 that we would put an offer on less than 12 hours later. Scott looked at me with wide eyes, "Um, I think you're putting a lot of pressure on this boat..." he started tentatively. While, yes, I probably was putting an undue amount of weight on the effect of a boat on our life, but I truly stood by what I said and I repeated myself: "Scott, this boat is literally going to change. our. life." He shrugged…

Jennifer Masters