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Discover the best ways to build your collection of LEGO minifigures and unleash your creativity. Explore top ideas for creating unique displays and finding rare minifigures for your collection.
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A visual guide and checklist for Lego Blind Pack Minifigure Series' 1-17 and other sets . From newest to oldest. Updated 125//19 Note: I've started to add links to featured minifigures. Green = Have in collection, Black = Need, Blue = traded for or bought, but not yet in hand DC Superheroes Aquaman Batman (1939) Bat-Mite Bumblebee Cyborg Flash (Jay Garrick) Green Lantern (Simon Baz) Huntress Metamorpho Mister Miracle Cheetah Joker (The Dark Knight Returns) Sinestro Star Girl Superman…

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Iyan Ha  -  Customized LEGO mini figures series Darth Vader, Legos, Lego City, Legoland, Lego Custom Minifigures, Lego Friends, Custom Lego, Lego, Lego Minifigs

MOC by Iyan Ha. Real people custom mini figures : " Elvis Presley " " Michael Jackson " " Audrey Hepburn " " Diana Spencer " " Pele " " Michael Jordan " " Isaac Newton " " Albert Einstein " " Leonardo da Vinci " " Vincent van Gogh " " Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart " " Ludwig van Beethoven " " Jeanne d'Arc " " Napoleon " " Charles Chaplin " " James Dean "

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