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If you are new to weaving and need help getting started, then you're in the right place! Hi, I'm Kate. I'm the person behind this blog. Back when I started trying to weave, there weren't many resources available. I put a lot of time into researching old books and experimenting and wanted to share what

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Surprisingly, making your own loom is really straight forward and super budget-friendly, if you choose the right materials. And you can easily adapt the instructions to the kind of loom you're wanting too - a standing loom (that has legs that kick out for stability) or a lap loom for smaller projects that is more portable, etc. PLUS, you can customize the size of the loom to any dimensions you want. Click through to make your own loom from scratch, for under $20!

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Recently I was asked about how to weave a Monk's Cloth on a lap loom. My first thought was, what even is a monk's cloth?! I have never heard of this before and of course I had to look into it. It turns out a Monk's Cloth is a basket woven cloth that was used

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Our First Learning Resource: Beginner Tapestry: Weaving on a Hand Loom Check out our first Youtube video! We are excited to share with you some techniques for weaving on our Hokett lap looms. It is important for us to reach those of you who are not able to make our in person workshops! Here are some of the resourc

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I've been itching to try out weaving for what seems like FOREVER, so I was thrilled when I heard that Lion Brand came out with a lap loom. Do you remember that little woven nylon potholder you made in elementary school? I loved that thing, so I had a feeling this weaving trend was right up

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I'm making a little lap throw with the weave it loom. It hasn't taken much time though I haven't really been diligent about working on it, but I do pick it up when I have a little time and this is the progress so far. There's about 75 squares. The yarn I'm using is mostly hand dyed and sock weight so the weave is a little loose. I'm not crazy about the yellow cast on the ivory yarn but I ordered a huge skein of it online.

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How To Make a Standing Loom With Adjustable Legs: This simple, straightforward DIY loom tutorial is intended to get you weaving in no time. #diy #diyloom #frameloom #weavingloom #howto How To Make A Loom Board, Diy Large Loom Frame, Diy Large Weaving Loom, Loom Plans How To Build, Weaving Frame Diy, Loom Rugs Diy How To Make, Diy Rug Loom How To Make, Weaving Blanket Loom, How To Make A Weaving Loom

I am so excited to be sharing this tutorial on how to make a standing loom with adjustable legs. It’s been a long time coming, not only for the blog, but for me personally, as well. ~This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. See my full disclosure policy here.~ GOING FROM A SMALL KIT LOOM TO A LARGER DIY LOOM When I first started weaving, I used a simple peg loom that came as part of an affordable beginner’s level kit (like this one). I was so excited to get it in the mail…

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