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Explore stunning landscape quilts that will ignite your creativity and bring the beauty of nature into your quilting. Discover tips, techniques, and ideas to create your own breathtaking landscape quilt.
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As the fall arrives and summer winds down, I find myself thinking about images that relax me. I just finished this art quilt in early September. It transports me back to quiet afternoons at Long Beach Island in NJ with my family or visits to the Outer Banks in NC. Beaches are universal. After creating Read the full article...

Euthymic Threads
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Pink Azaleas I thought I'd be completely wild and crazy this week and blog on Thursday instead of Friday! Lol, I don't get out much do I!? When I'm done blogging I'm going to put on a CD, turn up the volume and mop the kitchen floor. While dancing. Sometimes cleaning the house feels so good! (And once in a great while I give in to the feeling...) Before I get to what I've been up to this week, I got some great news yesterday. My quilt "Gotta Dance!" was accepted for exhibition at the…

Karen Shoemaker
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Display and quilts by Donna Greenwald, pumpkins made by her sister Donna Greenwald, our Featured Quilter at Annie's Star Quilt Guild's 2015 quilt show Donna's quilts displayed at the show... Quite the artist, Donna makes and quilts all of her quilts Plus she teaches classes. Love the detail Donna quilts into her quilts of art Donna also does a quilting retreat at Lake Tahoe Beautiful! Annie's Star Quilt Guild is fortunate to have Donna as a member This is a link to my post that has a video…

Santa Milosevic