Lactose free ice cream recipe for ice cream maker

Indulge in creamy and flavorful ice cream made without lactose. Discover easy and delicious recipes for your ice cream maker that will satisfy your sweet tooth without causing any discomfort.
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What would summer be without a gigantic bowl, heaping with delicious ice cream and topped with a cup of rainbow jimmies? Terrible, that’s what. But the alternate scenario that involves a whole-lotta dairy treats is an equally terrible and sometimes horrifying summer. You know the story. You indulge and have a gigantic bowl of delicious frozen delight...Read More

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Try any one of these 12 delicious and healthy dairy free ice cream recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth! Made with a mixture of coconut milk, cashews, almond milk and even banana, there’s great variety for all preferences. Most are no churn meaning no machine needed! From vegan to paleo to vanilla to almond pistachio to raspberry ripple….check it out!

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On hot, sticky summer days (or any time of year) make your own healthy almond milk ice cream. This recipe takes just 10 minutes to prepare!

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