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Ichiban Kasuga

Ichiban Kasuga (春日 一番, Kasuga Ichiban) is the protagonist of the Yakuza/Like a Dragon series from Yakuza: Like a Dragon onward, as well as the protagonist of The Legend of Ichiban Kasuga: Part 1 in Ryu Ga Gotoku Online. He is a former member of the Arakawa Family, a Tojo Clan subsidiary and a former employee at Hello Work. Due to his heroic exploits, he is also known as the "Hero of Yokohama" (ハマの英雄, Hama no Eiyū). Described as having been born with "nothing but physical strength," Kasuga…

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The Courageous Koi at Dragon's Gate

The Courageous Koi at Dragon’s Gate In China they tell the story of the Yellow Emperor, who became so angry at the wickedness of the humans that he decided to end their existence. Summoning the God of Rain, he commanded that the rain should never stop until the entire Earth was covered in water and all but a few of the offensive humans were all drowned. So began a Great Flood and every day the floodwaters rose until only the highest mountains were left. The Yellow Emperor’s grandson, Kun…

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