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Discover unique and creative knitting quilt ideas to create beautiful and cozy quilts. Get inspired to make your own handcrafted masterpiece with these top ideas.
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I love the look of checkers, squares, and quilts, but I don't love seaming them together. There, I said it. Ha! This 'Knit Seamless Quilt' blanket features beautiful squares, but none of the seaming. Hooray! See the full, free pattern below, or you may choose to purchase the ad-free printable version from Etsy HERE, or

Katherine Stillwell

Please try new site I saw the Debbie Bliss Patchwork Throw and loved the idea of creating a blanket with as many different knitting stitches as I could remember. So the inspiration came from there. It is a work in progress so I can't really estimate how many balls of wool it will take, I buy as I go. I have found that some of the shades used in the pattern are no longer available but there is such a large range that it hardly…

Laura Hernandez
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A fresh take on a classic, the MODular Knit Quilt will add a striking and sophisticated touch to your home. Knit with a modular log cabin technique in blocks that are then seamed together, meditative garter stitch gets kicked up a notch with a modern quilt aesthetic that keeps things interesting.

Kristina Mckeon
Knitted blanket :

I’ve been dreaming about knitting… maybe it’s because autumn is on her way and I’m looking forward to being warm and cozy. I would LOVE to be able to knit something as beautiful as these sea urchins! Are they not magnificent! But, to be honest with you all, I’m only at the scarf stage of […]

Merrily Phillips