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Explore the captivating story of King Midas and his legendary golden touch. Learn about the ancient Greek myth and its timeless lessons on wealth and greed.
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This article contains lore based on real-life sources of the Greek mythology as introduced from the God of War Greek era. Midas is a Demigod and king. He is son of Zeus and Cybele, and the father of Marigold. Midas or King Midas (in Greek Μίδας) is popularly remembered in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold after receiving this gift from Dionysus. This was called the Golden touch, or the Midas touch. He first turned a tree and a stone to gold. However…

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I thought this was a cool image because it shows the greed that King Midas has for gold but it also shows the love he has for his daughter. Both are two things that will end up being a large part of his story. Greek Mythology, Mythology, King, King Midas, Fantasy Authors, Folk Tales, Fantasy, Fairytale Art, Fantasy Artist

King Midas (Ancient Greek: Μίδας) was a king of Phrygia (Anatolia). He is best known for the myth of Midas and the Golden Touch and for judging a music contest between Pan and Apollo. There are many, and often contradictory, legends about the early life of ancient King Midas. In one, Midas was a child adopted by King Gordias and Cybele. According to another, Midas was the son of Gordios, a poor peasant, and a Telmissian maiden of the prophetic race. When Midas grew up to be a handsome and…

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