Kindergarten ice breakers

Start the school year off right with these fun and engaging ice breaker activities for kindergarten. Get your students excited to meet new friends and build a positive classroom environment.
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12 Ice Breaker Games for Kindergarten

Building relationships and community in the classroom from the start is key! Check out these 12 low-prep ice breaker games for kindergarten!

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10 Ice Breaker Games for Kids on the First Day of Teaching

These 10 Ice Breaker Games for Kids will make the First Day of Teaching more fund and exciting. #edupstairs #education #fungames #icebreaker #blackcrows #follow #teambuilding #fun #teacherspayteachers

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Build a Strong Classroom Community (Despite Social Distancing Rules)

Check out these great ideas for helping your students feel like part of a classroom community during distance learning & social distancing.

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Get to Know Your Students

Fun and engaging ideas to get to know your students at the beginning of the school year. Build a strong classroom community with these free resources.

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