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spartan 30 day squat | Here's the 30-Day AB CHALLENGE: Crossfit, Gym Workouts, Lunges, Fit Abs, Jogging, Workout Challenge, Gym, Fitness, Squats

Spent the morning working out with Miss Missy and CJ (Cam had a lot of attitude and spent his time doing chores instead) and had a ball. I was kind of surprised that Miss Missy kept up without giving up. I found a great Spartan Kids Training Program for kids that was posted by a friend, but you can find the printable version at I think we'll stick with this. I also added in my new challenge. Right now, we're doing the 30-Day AB CHALLENGE in my group. Many are still…

Jason Allen
Soccer Skills & Practices For Preschool Age Kids | LIVESTRONG.COM Coaching, Youth Soccer Drills, Youth Sports, Soccer Coaching, Youth Soccer, Rules For Kids, Youth Activities, Soccer Skills For Kids, Soccer Practice

Preschool soccer parents may be competitive but the pint-sized players just want to have fun. Soccer involves running, kicking a ball and teamwork, and warming up for practice with games is the best way to develop the skills each element of soccer requires. Avoid an emphasis on winning and losing when preschool ...

April Devine