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Engage your kids in fun and creative activities with sand. Discover exciting ideas and crafts that will keep your kids entertained for hours.
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This moon sand recipe is so easy to make! With only two ingredients, you'll be playing with this soft and sensory sand within minutes. Moon Sand This moon sand recipe is so much fun. The texture is soft and crumbly, but it also molds really well into different shapes. The kids thought it was the best thing ever! I've tested different kinetic sand recipes before (like this kinetic sand, this moldable play sand and this foam sand), but this one was BY FAR the best. And with only 2 ingredients…

Taylor Day
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About this item ESCAPING TO TRANQUILITY - Create a serene beach atmosphere right on your desk and experience ultimate relaxation with our mini beach zen garden. The sandbox keeps the sand contained while it's being played with. The set also features 10 beach miniatures and tools for creating beautiful patterns in the sand. PERFECT GIFT FOR ADULTS & KIDS - Share the gift of tranquility with your loved ones. This ever-changing beach scene is a great gift for kids and adults alike. Make it a…

Beth Armstrong
This underwater magic sand is SO COOL! This is such a fun science experiment to try with the kids! It's simple to put together, easy to clean up and you can use the sand again and again. Making your own waterproof, aqua sand is a great way to learn about science! Diy, Science Projects, Cool Science Experiments, Science Experiments Kids, Magic Sand, Experiments, Fun Activities, Dry Sand, Sand Art

Do you remember magic sand? You could buy it in the 1980's and make all sorts of fun things underwater. (Ooooo... you can still get it from this affiliate link on Amazon!) I wasn't lucky enough to have any as a kid, but my husband had some. He said his mom would let him and his brother fill the kitchen sink with water, then they'd pour their magic sand into the sink and play with it. He only remembers doing it once or twice though. Probably because playing with it in the sink is a terrible…

Sandra Graham