Kdf wagen

Explore the fascinating journey of KDF Wagen, from its humble beginnings as the iconic Beetle to the cutting-edge Volkswagen models of today. Discover the innovation, performance, and timeless design that make KDF Wagen a true automotive legend.
DKW Auto-Union Project: The Development of the DKW F9 Porsche, Volkswagen, Bmw, Autos, Buggy, Cute Cars, Auto, Car, Mercedes

On 25 January 1935, director of sales, Dr Carl Hahn, addressed a meeting of the Auto-Union board saying “In my opinion, with today’s models, we can no longer be competitive in the long term. Fundamentally we will have to create new models that, right from the start, are designed for lower cost.” Since his earliest days in DKW, Dr Hahn had actively sought feedback from the company’s dealer network and was closely attuned to the ‘word on the street.’ DKW had made its name in the budget car…

Branislav Kolaček