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Discover creative and practical kayak storage solutions to keep your gear organized and easily accessible. Maximize space and protect your kayak with these top ideas.
5 Best Ways To Store A Kayak In The Garage - Kayak Help Diy Kayak Storage Rack, Paddle Board Storage, Diy Garage Storage, Shed Storage, Carport Storage, Boat Storage, Equipment Storage, Garage Storage Inspiration, Garage Ideas

Many new kayak owners don’t adequately prepare for the extra storage space that their new kayak will require. Proper storage is an essential part of protecting the potentially substantial investment you just made. How you store your kayak (or kayaks) is just as important as buying the best kayak for your purpose. There are many ... Read more

Kandice Estill
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Today I installed a ceiling mounted kayak hoist in the garage to get it out of the way and gain floor space when not in use. We have 2 Kayaks. I have the Feelfree Moken 10 Light in desert camo (well build and great fittings for upgrades/accessories) and my wife has the Perception Pescador 10 in

Jeff Durham
Under Deck Kayak Storage - Ideas, How To (Guide) - Kayak Help Paddle Board Storage, Paddle Board Stand, Canoe Storage, Outdoor Storage, Diy Kayak Storage Rack Plans, Storage Ideas, Storage Racks, Water Storage, Kayak Rack Diy

If you have a deck, it’s one of the easiest and most convenient places to store your kayak when you aren’t paddling. There are many forms of under deck kayak storage, however, so you will need to choose the option that makes the most sense for you. Storing your kayak (or kayaks) under your deck ... Read more

Mary Brown
How To Store Kayak Outside In Winter - Kayak Help Canoe Storage, Outdoor Storage Sheds, Shed Storage, Storage Ideas, Outdoor Wood, Diy Outdoor, Outdoor Living, Backyard Projects, Outdoor Projects

Winter can wreak havoc on kayaks. Cold temperatures and moisture can cause damage to your kayaks. This leads to their reduced lifespan. Properly storing your kayak when it’s not in use is important. If you’re a new kayak owner, learn how to properly store your kayak. Learning proper paddling techniques is equally vital. If you ... Read more

This Is a Super Easy and Super Quick Way to Vertically Store Your Kayak : 3 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables Garage Organization Diy, Garage Organize, Diy Garage Storage, Shed Storage, Organizing, Tool Storage, Storage Spaces, Diy Kayak Storage Rack, Kayak Rack

This Is a Super Easy and Super Quick Way to Vertically Store Your Kayak: All you need are a couple of 2x4s, 4 big eye screws, two storage straps, some cheap foam, and some spring action clamps to hold the oar. My rack stores two kayaks and two oars. No kidding, this is easy to do. I have minimal upper body strength and…

Judy Herring