John gallagher jr

Explore the impressive talent and captivating performances of John Gallagher Jr. Discover why this actor is a must-watch in the entertainment industry.
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It's Friday, it's been a rough week, let's just sit back, relax, and enjoy cute guys with puppies! Darren Criss...with a puppy! Aaron Tveit...with two puppies! Andy Murray...with a puppy! Channing Tatum...with a puppy! Chord Overstreet...with a puppy! Danny Pino...with a puppy! John Gallagher, Jr...with a puppy! John Mulaney...with a puppy! Kit Harington...with a dire wolf...I mean puppy! Prince Harry...with a puppy! Usher...with a puppy! Ryan Gosling...with a puppy!

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The Record is a brand new column that gives Broadway performers an outlet to discuss their solo music. We love and support our favorite stage performers but this will be your first chance to really find out what their music is all about. You can learn about their CD's, concerts, influences, upcoming projects and much more. We are excited to present our third issue with the wonderful John Gallagher Jr.. We sat down with him to discuss his original music and plans for a album.

Robin Littman