Italian buttercream frosting recipe

Elevate your desserts with this mouthwatering Italian buttercream frosting recipe. Learn how to create a creamy and luscious frosting that will take your treats to the next level of sweetness.
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Light, silky, and vanilla-y Italian buttercream frosting, this recipe is a staple for any avid baker because of its amazing flavor, versatility and how well it tends to hold.

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Perfect Italian Buttercream Frosting is a rich, smooth, and incredibly delicious traditional icing that is the best choice to decorate cakes and cupcakes. This is the same kind of buttercream frosting that you'll find on many professional wedding cakes. Its silky texture is unlike any other frosting or icing recipe that you'll ever find, it is gorgeous when piped, and can be flavored and colored in countless ways. #buttercream #italian #recipe #frosting #easy #cake #video

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A question I get asked all the time is “What’s the best buttercream?” Or sometimes it’s “What type of buttercream do YOU use?” Well, the answer depends totally on your personal preference and what type of project you are baking. I prefer frostings that are less sweet, and I do a lot of cake decorating, so I most often make Swiss or Italian meringue buttercream. But I might make a different type of buttercream to fill macarons or to frost a simple loaf cake. So to answer those questions…

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