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Every religion has some specific occasions, which have special value and importance in the lives of its followers, like Christians celebrate Christmas and observe Easter, Hindus rejoice Diwali and Holi. Recognizing and taking part in these events enhance one`s knowledge and implication of its religious ideologies and conviction. The Islamic Calendar also contains numerous days […]

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Jumma (Friday) Reminder 1. Cut Nails 2. Have a Ghusal & Wearing Perfume (Without Alcohol ) if available 3. Salaat al-Jumu’ah (Friday prayer) 4. Making lots of du’aa’. (between the time the Imam sits down until the time the prayer is over and after `Asr until sunset) 5. Reading Soorat al-Kahf 6. Sending a lot of blessings upon the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) mentioned the day of Jumu’a then said: There is a time in it (Friday) at which no…

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