Interpersonal communication

Enhance your relationships with effective interpersonal communication techniques. Learn how to communicate clearly and empathetically to build stronger connections with others.
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Introduction Interpersonal communication can be described quite simply as face-to-face communication between two or more people. In the workplace, interpersonal skill is considered the lifeline of the office or the organization. All activities depend on effective communication. Hence, if there is a gap in interpersonal communication, the entire organization or unit may suffer from inefficiency

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Strong interpersonal skills are the “soft skills” that help us successfully live, work, collaborate, and exist with others. Professionals with strong interpersonal skills hone these capabilities through daily practice and […]

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Just by looking at someone, you experience them. Ever fallen in love at first sight or had a "gut feeling" about someone? You internally resonated with them. Ever seen someone trip and momentarily felt a twinge of pain for them? Observing them activates the "pain matrix" in your brain, research shows. Ever been moved by the sight of a person helping someone? You vicariously experienced it and thereby felt elevation. . .

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