Indian fruit salad recipe

Discover mouthwatering Indian fruit salad recipes that are perfect for a refreshing snack or a healthy dessert. Try these unique combinations of tropical fruits and spices to add a burst of flavor to your day.
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Fruit Custard Recipe | Mixed Fruit Custard | Fruit Salad with Custard Milk

This fruit custard is bringing me so many childhood fond memories with mom. I still remember the days when we bought our first refrigerator. (in 90's, when I was in grade 1 or 2). Soon after we have the fridge at home, mom makes this custard fruit salad, icecream using readymade mix (sprinkled with mixed fruits & tutti frutti,) ice popsicle of different fruit flavors and much more. Weekends are a real treat for me since I can relish on the homemade chilled stuff. Though mom is an expert in…

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Apple Banana Orange Fruit Salad for Weight Loss - Easy & Low Fat

This simple fruit salad for weight loss in made with apple, orange, banana and pomegranate. It is spiced with cinnamon, contains flax for fiber and omega 3 fats and hemp seeds for protein. It only takes 5 minutes to prepare this easy and low fat apple banana and orange fruit salad for weight loss.

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Fruit Chaat (Indian Fruit Salad Recipe)

An Indian spiced fresh fruit salad using your favorite chunks of fruit in a medley of tangy, mild spices and a dash of lemon juice for that extra tang. Add any seasonal fruit of your choice to enjoy this refreshing bowl of yumminess and nutrition any time of the day or year!

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