Iceberg wedge salad

Explore a variety of mouthwatering recipes to make the perfect iceberg wedge salad. From classic combinations to creative twists, find your new favorite salad recipe now.
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A cool, crisp Classic Wedge Salad is one of the best staples, ever. This famous steakhouse salad features crunchy iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, crumbled bacon, chives, and drizzled with a scratch-made blue cheese dressing. It's a salad you can pair alongside your main entree or enjoy all on its own, it's delicious like that!

Bonnie Sutton
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What’s your all-time fave salad? 🥗 Caesar? Caprese? Greek? 🤔 I am all about the Iceberg Wedge! This savory slice-o-greens is loaded with crispy bacon, croutons, the ultimate DIY blue cheese dressing and the real star of the show: cherry tomatoes cooked in bacon fat! 👏🏻 . . .

Jennifer Duhon