Hunter beef recipe pakistani

Explore mouthwatering hunter beef recipes from Pakistan and learn how to make this popular dish at home. Impress your guests with authentic flavors and tender meat.
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Hunter beef is a traditional Pakistani method of curing meat, similar to corned beef. It’s very popular and available in many bakeries across the country. In this recipe, a large piece of meat is marinated in curing liquid and refrigerated for several days and then simmered on low heat. It is then cut into strips or shred with fork. The strips are then used in sandwiches; eaten for breakfast, or with evening tea.

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My Pakistani craving: hunter beef sandwiches from Spinzer on the dense Pakistani blocks of Chicago's Devon Ave. Beef Sandwich, Sandwiches, Beef Recipes, Beef, Devon, Hunter Beef Recipe Pakistani, Beef Recipe Pakistani, Ethnic Recipes, Deep Dish

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