How to season lima beans

Learn how to season lima beans and discover delicious recipes to make this nutritious legume a favorite in your kitchen. Try these flavorful ideas and enjoy the taste of perfectly seasoned lima beans today.
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Butter beans, lima beans, whatever you want to call them, good, fresh butter beans are a real treat. When I start to see these fresh little green gems at the farmer’s market and produce stand, I load up on them. And I love to cook them in the Southern manner – with pork. Here I […]

Lima beans are a superfood with lots of nutritional value! Lima beans are tender and naturally mild flavored and make an easy lima bean side dish that goes well with so many main dishes. They can also be tossed in salads, protein bowls, or in soups or casseroles. They are extremely easy to cook using a variety of methods from stovetop, instant pot, pressure cooker, slow cooker or microwave.

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Combine fresh, frozen or dried lima beans, water and seasoning in a large pot on the stovetop. Bring to a boil on high heat. Reduce heat to medium high and cook until tender. Add water as needed to keep beans covered with water while cooking. If you don't presoak dried beans, add 15 minutes to cooking time.