How to make dreamcatchers

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Since my dreamcatcher workshop at Free People back in April, I gotten several requests to host dreamcatcher parties, and to do a DIY blog post, so I decided to do an illustrative post going step by step! Everything on the supply list below, is available at Michael's (don't forget your coupon!), A.C. Moore, and pretty much any other craft store. If you do this DIY, please send your finished products to -I'd love to see them!

Sharon Burkett
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Learn how to make a dreamcatcher and add a unique design element to your home. This DIY craft tutorial for making dream catchers is for you. I grew up making crafts with my dad. Every year, we would look through the booklet for our County Fair’s youth craft contest, and plan out which crafts I would make that year. I credit my love of crafts and the success of this blog largely to those summers spent making crafts to enter into the fair. One of the projects I made 25 years ago (and I still…

Cathie Nunez