House of worth 1890s evening gowns

Step into the world of luxury and fashion with exquisite evening gowns from the House of Worth in the 1890s. Explore the timeless beauty and craftsmanship of these iconic dresses and be inspired to create your own unique style.
Article: Art Nouveau Black Velvet Scrolls Evening Gown.  House of Worth, 1898-1900.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, USA. Haute Couture, Art Nouveau, Costumes, Vintage, Victorian Dress, Vintage Gowns, House Of Worth Gowns, Edwardian Fashion, Vintage Dresses

In an economic world where designers and consumers are taking a more conservative approach to fashion... it appears the black and white print is back. this however is not your grandmothers black and white, with nods to the past, prints seem to be heavily influenced by art. Marc Jacobs - Fall 09 Charles Worth - Gown 1898 Chanel - Fall 09 Ferre by Herb Ritts 1991 Dolce & Gabbana - Fall 09 Christopher Wool - Untitled 2007 3.1 Philip Lim - Fall 09 William Claxton - Rudi Gernreich 1967 Thakoon…

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Worth's black roses suggest the melancholy and wistful world of poets Charles Baudelaire and Algernon Charles Swinburne. While less innovative than his famous father--who is known for establishing the standards and practices of the haute couture--Jean Philippe Worth nonetheless was technically proficient and, in this example, demonstrates that he knew the dramatic reading of a textile in black and white

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