Homemade sauna

Discover how to build a homemade sauna and enjoy the ultimate relaxation and wellness experience in the comfort of your own home. Explore top ideas to create a soothing and rejuvenating sauna retreat.
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Building a great sauna can be achieved with good forward planning, preparation and general building skills. Over the years our team have seen lots saunas which I would refer to as unconventional or just simply misinformed about sauna design and execution. While there are many different ways to build a good sauna, depending on who […]

Jessie Horstman
Straight scoop from a sauna builder who has built hundreds of saunas - Saunatimes Sauna Kits, Outdoor Sauna, Building A Sauna, Sauna House, Sauna Wood Stove, Sauna Diy, Homemade Sauna, Sauna Design, Sauna

Guest post series continues. Pleased to welcome Matt Bergstrom from Finnleo. Matt has most certainly built more saunas than anyone in North America. What comes forward is not just Matt’s knowledge of authentic sauna building, but a true joy and appreciation of his craft. Within this post, we will follow along with a recent sauna build ... Read more

Diane Netzloff