Hiking with dog

Explore the great outdoors with your furry friend by your side. Discover the best tips and dog-friendly trails for an unforgettable hiking adventure with your four-legged companion.
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9 Beginner Mistakes I Made When Hiking With My Dog - YouDidWhatWithYourWiener.com

If you are thinking of taking your dog hiking for the first time, you might be a bit nervous. You want to make sure both you and your dog have a good time and no one gets injured. Well, I started hiking with my dog 15 years and I made a lot of mistakes. I

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Basic Obedience Commands for Outdoor Travel

Are you considering bringing your dog along on your outdoor adventures this year? Is this the first time your pup will join you in your travels? If so, you may be wondering - how do you train a a dog for hiking and camping? Are there specific basic obedience commands for hiking with dogs? In this post, we discuss how to teach your dog to walk on leash with good leash manners, as well as 3 critical commands every adventure dog should know. Start training today and be ready for travel season!

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