Explore stunning photos and fascinating facts about herons. Discover the beauty and grace of these majestic birds and learn more about their habitats and behaviors.
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Nostalgia Fine Art Rudbeck 036 Blue Heron 20x40 [RB_WD 036 Blue Heron 20x40] - Giclee reproduction from the Watercolors of Olof Rudbeck and Tribute Birds by C.F.A Edition. This beautiful Rudbeck Bird, published by Culberson Fine Art, is digitally re-mastered and printed on acid free cotton rag paper with archival inks. This Giclee print is from scans of the original watercolor and is the

Dinie Weggemans
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I have been photographing this bird for several years, returning to this site early in the morning and hoping it would be perching there. Over time it has become very receptive and allows me to approach to about 10 feet, occasionally squawking at me when I get inside that magic circle of safety. Almost all of the close-up photos of great blue herons I have posted are of this bird. I often wonder if it recognizes me individually or is just tolerant of people. Notable features of great blue…

Grace Roberts