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Unlock the potential of herbal extracts for natural health and wellness. Explore top ideas and learn how to incorporate herbal extracts into your daily routine to optimize your well-being.
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I recently shared on Instagram that I was making some herbal extracts and many of you expressed that you'd love to learn how, too! Rest assured, it is ridiculously easy to make herbal tinctures and extracts, and will save you tons of money in the long run. What are herbal tinctures and extracts? Until recently, I

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Homemade herbal remedies are easier than you think, and most only require a few minutes of hands-on time before you've crafted powerful herbal medicine for your families' medicine chest. Diving into making herbal remedies might

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Have you ever asked yourself what you can do with herbs after you've made tea, infused oils, tinctures, vinegars, and honeys? Here are some fun ways to upcycle the remaining plant material, often called the “marc,” into other fine uses and crafts.

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